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About ZENITH OTTO Asia Trading Sdn. Bhd. ~ Import and Export Used Clothing

Zenith Otto is a leading used clothing industry player since 1989. The company was established by its director and founder Mr GA Tan. Zenith Otto‘s strong market position, its wide coverage of the local distribution and its good operational structure has allowed the company to rise to the top of the industry. Today, Zenith Otto has approximately 100 workers. The warehouse is strategically located at the small medium industry zone comprised over more than 140,000 square feet of space. With 20 years of extensive experience, Zenith Otto‘s product range are mainly divided into Summer Mixed Used Clothing, Blue Jeans, Body Fit, Children Wear, Cotton Pants, Ladies Polyester/Silk Blouse, Long Sleeves Shirt, Round Neck T-Shirt, Tropical Pants, Ladies Dress, Adult Short Pants, Ladies Pants,Working Pants and Ladies Jeans Pants. As Zenith Otto is recognized for offering quality used clothing in the market, all clothing are inspected to ensure no wear and tear, or even stain prior to shipping to customers. Specifically, the clothing types range from man’s wear, woman’s wear to children’s wear for different ages. Kindly visit our website: http://www.zenithottousedcloth.com to view on the company profile and its clothing categories. In line with the company’s direction for market expansion, Zenith Otto is seeking for both buyers and sellers from worldwide regions, especially from Asia countries.

  1. Buyers
    For interested buyers, the standard export packing for each bale is weighted at 50kgs. Minimum order quantity at either 20′ or 40′ container. Each 20′ container consists of nearly 205 bales whereas 40′ container consists of 500 bales respectively.
  2. Sellers
    Zenith Otto welcomes any inquiries from non-profitable organizations or welfare societies whom are interested to be our appointed agents. Transportation cost for collecting the clothing will be borne by Zenith Otto. Interested parties kindly contact us or email to otto.transport2499@gmail.com.

从1989年开始, 腾达亚洲贸易有限公司为二手衣服资源回收行业领导者。为人随和,友善,亲切的董事主席陈源益先生是本公司的创办者。腾达亚洲贸易拥有巩固的市场地位,它的产品分布亚洲各大市场,再加上它拥有完美的管理系统,促使它成为二手衣服资源回收的佼佼者。 如今,本公司雇有大约100位员工。我们仓库位于威中工业区域,占有超越140,000 平方英尺空间。 以20年的资深经验,我们把产品分为以下种类,夏季混合二手服装,蓝色牛仔裤,童装,健身服装,棉制裤子,女士聚酯纤维/真丝衬衫,长袖衬衫,圆领T恤,热带裤子,女士礼服,成人短裤,女士裤,工作裤和女士牛仔裤。腾达亚洲贸易提供的旧衣服都是经过精挑细选,品质优良,保证绝无磨损及弄脏,过后才运输至客户。我们把衣服分为不同年龄的男装,女装以及童装。欢迎游览我们的网站:http://www.zenithottousedcloth.com。 在那可看到本公司的资料与衣服种类。 本公司营业广展的目标是希望寻找世界各地的买家及卖主,尤其是来自亚洲国家。

  1. 买家
    有意购买者, 我们标准出口包装平均为50kgs。最少的订购是20尺或40尺的货柜。20尺的货柜大约可装205粒。40尺的货柜则可装500粒。
  2. 卖主