Zenith Otto is a leading used clothing industry player since 1989. With 20+ years of extensive experience, Zenith Otto‘s product range are mainly divided into Summer Mixed Used Clothing, Blue Jeans, Body Fit, Children Wear, Cotton Pants, Ladies Polyester/Silk Blouse, Long Sleeves Shirt, Round Neck T-Shirt, Tropical Pants, Ladies Dress, Adult Short Pants, Ladies Pants, Working Pants and Ladies Jeans Pants. As Zenith Otto is recognized for offering quality used clothing in the market, all clothing are inspected to ensure no wear and tear, or even stain prior to shipping to customers. Specifically, the clothing types range from man’s wear, woman’s wear to children’s wear for different ages.


Import and Export Used Clothing
We purchase used clothing of any brands in large quantity
with free arrangement of transport by truck or container
(throughout Malaysia)


OTTO Transport
Specializes in Freight Forwarding,
Transportation & Lorry Rental Services.



Branded Wholesale Clothing
Japan – Singapore – U.S
Fashion End of Seasonal Sales
Pemborong Baju Bundle yang Terbesar